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NIH/SAMHSA Contract Solicitations Available for Electronic Submission

The following table represents NIH/SAMHSA contract solicitations that are available for electronic proposal submission through eCPS. Please Note: Proposals will not be accepted through eCPS after the closing date and time. Potential offerors are instructed to go to beta.sam.gov for the full listing of active contract opportunities.

Search by Agency/Project:
ICID beta.sam.gov Solicitation Link Solicitation Type Title Contract Specialist Closing Date/Time [ET] Agency Sort order
NIDA NIH-NINDS-75N95021R00017 Solicitation Pharmacology and Toxicology for Therapeutics Program (PTTP) Singh, Sneha 5/10/2021 05:00 PM NIH/NIDA 0
NLM 75N97021R00006 Sources Sought Exhibition Design and Web Design and Development Phuong, Uyen 5/12/2021 05:00 PM NIH/NLM 0
SAMHSA 283-20-0557 Solicitation SAMHSA Performance Analysis Reporting System (SPARS) - open ONLY to the SAMHSA IDIQ Domain 2 SB & LB Contractors Orandi, Heather 5/17/2021 12:00 PM SAMHSA/SAMHSA 0
NIAID 75N93020R00021 Solicitation National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Clinical Site Monitoring Center (CSMC) Blyveis, Deborah 5/24/2021 03:00 PM NIH/NIAID 0
NIAID HHS-NIH-NIAID-BAA2021-1 Solicitation Development of Medical Countermeasures for Biothreat Agents, Antimicrobial-Resistant Infections an Emerging Infectious Diseases Buck, Alexandra 5/24/2021 03:00 PM NIH/NIAID 0
NICHD NIH-NICHD-IDD-2021-7 Solicitation Newborn Screening Pilot Studies Wish, Angela 6/17/2021 04:00 PM NIH/NICHD 0
NIAID 75N93021R00005 Solicitation Syphilis Specimen Collection Vily, Aytaj 7/01/2021 03:00 PM NIH/NIAID 0
NCI 75N91020R00043 Solicitation National Cancer Institute (NCI) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Concept Award Program – Fiscal Year 2022 Wells, Cherie 7/23/2021 05:00 PM NIH/NCI 0
NIAID BAA-DAIT-75N93020R00022 Solicitation Adjuvant Comparison and Characterization Ralis, George 9/16/2021 03:00 PM NIH/NIAID 0