Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eCPS account and how do I apply for one?

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An eCPS account is a One Time PIN (OTP) Authentication account associated with your email address. This is a preferred authentication method which prevents the need for the maintenance of a specific password.

Using this method, you only need to enter a registered email address and PIN to log in after registration. A One Time PIN will be sent to your registered email which is active for 8 hours. After 8 hours when you attempt to login using your registered email, a new PIN will be generated and sent to your registered email.

Alternatively, you can always generate a new One Time PIN if you are unable to login with your existing One Time PIN.

If you do not have an eCPS account, you can create an eCPS account on the OTP Authentication site.

How do I log in to eCPS?

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You must have an eCPS account to log into eCPS. If you do not have an eCPS account, you can create an eCPS account on the OTP Authentication site.

What happens to my existing NIHEXT, eRA Commons, Federated and Google Accounts?

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Starting on July 16th, 2018 at 5pm E.T., you can no longer login into eCPS using other login methods. eCPS will only use the OTP account registration and authentication process.

If you have submitted proposals using NIHEXT, eRA Commons, Federated and Google accounts and have received an email of successful submission/revision of proposal then your proposal is received in eCPS.

If you have any further questions on your proposal submission, please contact the assigned Contract Specialist for the Solicitation.

What types of documents can I submit?

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You can only submit PDF documents, with the exception of the Electronic Cost Proposal Excel Workbook.

Where can I learn more about PDF documents?

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Learn more about PDF technology at .

How many documents do I need to submit?

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You must submit both a Technical Proposal, which consists of one PDF document, and a Business Proposal, which consists of one PDF document and one or more Excel Workbooks. In creating either your Business Proposal or Technical Proposal, you can merge multiple PDFs into one. Learn more about how to do this at Adobe Acrobat Help Resource Center: Create Merged PDFs and PDF packages.

What is the maximum upload size for proposal document(s)?

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The maximum upload size for all proposal document(s) together is 387.19 MB

For SBIR/STTR submissions, how do I submit a FASTTRACK Proposal?

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If allowable by the topic in the SBIR/STTR solicitation, after successfully submitting a phase 1 proposal in eCPS, you can submit a phase 2 proposal.

  • For Phase I, include “FAST TRACK” after the Phase, as shown in the example below:
    Phase I FAST TRACK_XYZ Company_NIAID_Topic_0XX
  • Upload the Phase I technical proposal and Phase I business proposal and Submit.
  • After you submit the Phase I proposal, then click the 'Submit new/alternate Proposal' button for Phase II submission.
  • For Phase II, include “FAST TRACK” after the Phase, as shown in the example below:
    Phase II FAST TRACK_XYZ Company_NIAID_Topic_0XX
  • Upload the Phase II technical proposal and Phase II business proposal and Submit.

Can I submit more than one proposal for a given solicitation?

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Yes. After successful submission of your 1st proposal, you may submit other proposals by clicking ‘Submit new/alternate proposal’.

Can I revise a previously submitted proposal?

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Yes. You may submit proposal revisions until the closing date and time specified in the solicitation.

Does eCPS save my prior proposal when I submit a revised proposal?

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No. When you submit a revised proposal, the prior proposal submitted is overwritten.

Can I delete an uploaded proposal?

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No. You cannot delete a proposal once it is uploaded. You can, however, revise your proposal up to the closing date and time specified in the solicitation. For example, if you decide that of the two proposals you uploaded, Business Proposal and Technical Proposal, that the Business Proposal was unsatisfactory, you could upload a revised version of the Business Proposal.

Can I withdraw an uploaded proposal?

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In order to withdraw an uploaded proposal, you will need to contact the Contracting Officer named in the solicitation.

How does the Government know who to contact about my proposal?

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When you log in to eCPS, your name, telephone number, and e-mail address is automatically retrieved from your account. The Office of Acquisitions is able to see this information. Additionally, you are required to identify one or more individuals authorized to negotiate contracts on the Proposal Summary and Data Record, NIH-2043, in the Business Proposal.

What is a Proposal Name and how is it used?

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A Proposal Name is a name that you assign to a proposal and it is used primarily to distinguish between two or more proposals that you submit for the same solicitation. (You still, however, need to enter a Proposal Name even if you upload only one proposal.) For instance, you may submit a primary proposal and name it "Primary Proposal" and a second, alternate proposal that you name "Alternate Proposal." The Proposal Name helps you to distinguish between the two so you can keep track of your submissions.

For SBIR/STTR submissions, the ‘Proposal Name’ entered into eCPS for your proposal submission shall include, in order: (1) the Phase the proposal is for; (2) the name of the Offeror; (3) the NIH or CDC Awarding Component and the Topic being proposed under. Examples are as follows: Phase I_XYZ Company_NCIRD_Topic_031 and Phase II_XYZ Company_NIAID_Topic_038. For Fast Track proposal names, see FAQ "How do I submit a FAST TRACK Proposal?"

Can I change the Proposal Name after I submit my proposal?

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Yes, up to the closing date and time specified in the solicitation. From the "My Submission History" page, click Revise to the left of the appropriate Proposal Name, revise the Proposal Name, and then click "Update Proposal".

Where can I view a history of my previously submitted proposals?

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You can find a listing of your previously submitted proposals under "My Submission History" after you have logged into eCPS.

What is "My Submission History"?

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My Submission History page appears as a navigational item on the top bar next to the "All Active Solicitations" link only after you have logged into eCPS. It lists all proposals you've submitted for any given solicitation. You can revise your documents and Proposal Name from this table or submit a new proposal for the same solicitation if the closing date and time has not passed. You can not view the content of submitted documents.

How can I tell if I successfully submitted my proposal?

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If your proposal submission is successful, the screen changes to reflect this with a "Congratulations..." message. Also, you may click the "My Submission History" item on the navigation bar to see a list of all of your successful proposal submissions. You are responsible for verifying the contents of your uploaded proposal by clicking on the file links after the "Congratulations..." message. If a virus or corrupt file is found after the upload your electronic proposal will not be accepted.

Can I view proposals that I have submitted already? How?

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No, you can only view a listing of your submitted proposals on the 'My Submission History' page but you cannot view the PDFs or Excel files.

Does eCPS track or provide updates about my proposal status?

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eCPS does not track or provide updates on the status of your proposal. Once you have received initial confirmation that your proposal was submitted, you will no longer receive any information from eCPS. eCPS is designed as a submission portal and so does not provide any further information once submission has occurred. Further communication regarding your proposal should occur through your Contracting Officer.

Privacy Policy?

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Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Our Web site links to other National Institutes of Health (NIH) and federal agency sites. Once you leave the primary eCPS site, you are subject to the privacy policy for the site(s) you are visiting. We do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) about you during your visit to NIH Web sites. We do, however, collect some data about your visit to our Web site to help us better understand how the public uses the site and how to make it more helpful. We collect information from visitors who read, browse, and/or download information from our Web site. NIH never collects information for commercial marketing or any purpose unrelated to the NIH mission and goals.